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Message Subject Russian endgamer: S-500 will be the end game when it's finished (Mikhail Yuriev)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
S-500 nickname "Prometheus" - 500-600km range
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70042505

We prefer our names. In Russian it's nicknamed "Samoderzhets" - "Autocrat".

Answering the rest of the discussion - I don't see any meaning in quoting each and every post here - yeah, S-500 will be the anti-missile complex, not the anti-jet one. Which doesn't mean however that it can't be used against aerodynamic targets as well as against ballistic ones. That's for starters.

The number in the codename is a projected range for this type of armaments. So, yeah, about 500km range with at least 2/3 of it in altitude: i.e. it should be able to take down most of spy satellites. And surely all GPS satellites that are passing near.

Considering it's projected characteristics... It's made against American perspective hypersonic warheads. Those warheads are developed to be able to maneuver on hypersonic velocities, so the missiles of S-500 should be able to do better than that to intercept them. I.e. it's not just the "evolution" of S-300 or S-400, it's a completely different level of technology.
But no, S-500 is not alike to American anti-missile shield. Completely different philosophies here. American anti-missiles are made (and here's all meaning of having widespread Aegis system and stationary bases in Europe) to intercept ICBM while it's gaining. That's why Yuriev is pointing out that by changing the direction from which the missile comes you can negate American defences. All Russian countermeasures are centered on intercepting declining missile and its warhead.

Considering war tech propaganda. Yeah, you are somewhat right - and the readiness of Russia to show and demonstrate our weapons are actually a illustration that we don't want any war. If we wanted war, we'd just restored our war potential in secret to take everyone by surprise.

About Turkey - just placing S-400 in Latakia, we are covering half of Turkey, most of Israel and all Cyprus by our radars. Which are, by the way, hidden by our EW systems which exclude precision targeting and most of detection methods. It's quite enough. And I do believe that the base there is protected on the ground.
If Turkey goes full retard and tries to attack however, I'd say that the last thing that will worry them will be the state of affairs in Syria. It's almost exactly 500 km (Iskander-M range) from Crimean southern coast to Ankara...

Oh, and about rocket technologies. I'll concur that the general level of Russia and US is almost the same. But the different principles and axiomatic ideas make some things easier for us and some - for you. For example, NASA still lacks good enough liquid fuel rocket engine and is forced to by Russian-made. It does say something.
Apparently it was much easier for us to take and adapt electronics that was always an edge for Western rocket technologies, than for the West to adapt our technological processes.
 Quoting: Tamonten

Good analysis.
How do you stop China stealing all your blueprints and data?
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