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Start a career in burger flipping

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 70802822
United States
11/14/2015 05:57 PM
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Start a career in burger flipping
I'm a nurse and get paid just a little over 20 an hour....I had to go through 4 years of college and get licensed by my state by taking state boards to prove I am at least compitent to do my job. These burger flippers want 15? These are menial jobs...not careers. You want big bucks? Go to school and get a degree and a real job. You're susposed to work at mcdonalds while going to school...not work at mcdonalds as a career. I laugh at these mofos. I've had 3 jobs in my life and have worked up the pay scale on all of them by working my ass off. I've received raises by my work ethic...not demanding them. If you can't figure out how to get paid above minimum wage..you deserve it. Pretty soon Mc Donalds workers will get paid what I got paid or more...for flipping burgers??rant