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Message Subject Strange dream about shapeshifting (female tiger humanoid transformation / reptile transformation / underground base)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its all garbage. They are the Dark Ones. The ones who have merged light and dark. They are not controlled. You are the one being made a fool. The dream was real, I believe you, but you believe in illusions.
 Quoting: Enlightenment

You are the fool because you start defamations against me. You would not have the balls to say this into my face because I would smash your head into the wall.

That kind of thing is very possible. Very interesting dream.
If that is holding cell, then its most likely she's a renegade. I agree with the above post.
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

In this dream I was able to sense also other beings like her. It was not a prison. It was more like a secret facility that was about 370 miles or so under the earth surface.

I could also sense dna experiments, genetic labs, hybrids, creatures of all kinds, plus extra facilities that were deeper, it was like a super-complex facility base thats part of a secret underground tunnel-system and representing high fidelity facilities and labs, but the jail like cells were very primitive, little, cold and dark.

It was a very strange place, you could sense that a lot was going on down there.
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