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Message Subject Strange dream about shapeshifting (female tiger humanoid transformation / reptile transformation / underground base)
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Its all garbage. They are the Dark Ones. The ones who have merged light and dark. They are not controlled. You are the one being made a fool. The dream was real, I believe you, but you believe in illusions.
 Quoting: Enlightenment

You are the fool because you start defamations against me. You would not have the balls to say this into my face because I would smash your head into the wall.

That kind of thing is very possible. Very interesting dream.
If that is holding cell, then its most likely she's a renegade. I agree with the above post.
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

In this dream I was able to sense also other beings like her. It was not a prison. It was more like a secret facility that was about 370 miles or so under the earth surface.

I could also sense dna experiments, genetic labs, hybrids, creatures of all kinds, plus extra facilities that were deeper, it was like a super-complex facility base thats part of a secret underground tunnel-system and representing high fidelity facilities and labs, but the jail like cells were very primitive, little, cold and dark.

It was a very strange place, you could sense that a lot was going on down there.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70821949

Do you think that our paramilitary or another negative et faction, such as reptilian, had various beings and perhaps star nations, captured.

I wouldn't participate in a possible demonic trap, but there is a way to help legitimate.

You can direct this towards her star nation, and at the same time let your own Spirit/Source/Christ if you have this, or Christ Consciousness and Higher Self, (basically the Highest Love and Goodness in Existence beyond all lower realm codes and traps, ie, the true God/Tao of Love/Family/Good/Hero's/Angels/Angel Ets/Ets team, of which your Greater Soul is a part.

So you have to meditate, and pray, seeking direction, before sleep, and guidance. Asking within for direction.

Then if you are inspired, you would meditate with her in mind, her frequency and energy and send that to the Star Nations and ask for family to rescue her, and to intercede for others there as well.

Things are in you already from that if its a real message and they can get it from you. This will touch on very briefly, just enough that its all within you, what they would need to know.

You need to know that you're only dealing with true hero's.

First off, the nations that are connected to earth are feline, for example, from Sirius And B, and possibly Lyran previously, reptilian, mantis, higher human and more. And some of these were fierce warriors who fought many wars, wished to worshipped as gods in the past, and harmed many humanity and some of them are renegades.

The human ets are often hybrids, and some are shape shifters possibly, some are very cold reptilian type renegades, of which we have had a real run with on this planet, such as annanuki, and very cold and brutal. Some are higher humans, hero's and also have lyra and various places, tau ceti, proxima, centauri, pleaides, and many nations that lyra went to, along with humans in many places. Life is similar in many systems. Human is common, and so are the others. Andromeda. Taurus. Scorpio. Many places.

So you really need to do some prayers and seeking, guidance.
Because she could be in that holding tank for a reason.
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