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In order for Atlantia to survive and suceed,we need to implement the Virtual Democracy world-wide

Lucian Apollo Zalmoxe Lumina
User ID: 70823728
11/20/2015 11:47 PM
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In order for Atlantia to survive and suceed,we need to implement the Virtual Democracy world-wide
I just had an epiphany while I was asleep
We cannot pretend that our people is not ready for implementing the most advanced society that we have discovered,since we are the ones,we Atlanteans,who have discovered and implemented Virtual Democracy in the galaxies of Atlantia

The other forms of Government have major flaws:
-democracy allows everyone mo matter how stupid or uneducated to have the same vote as a learned person;the wrong opinions and lies are not flushed out in public debates on the internet Forum as it happenes in Virtual Democracy;everyone just votes every 4-5 years and leaves all the critical decisions in the hands of elected officials
-dictatorship and monarchy put all the power in the state in the hands of oligarchy or rich people in the case of plutocracy or corporatism
-technocracy was tried before in Romania in the times of Ceausescu near the end of his lives;who decides who is the best doctor?is he the one who cares the most for his patients,or the most honest or the most compassionate or the most professional doctor?yes we have now specialists in charge but they dont know many things for they are not the best in their fields and our people has already disdained them
-the eden union is run by ecologists;what happened when we shall colonize other planets and the ecological needs of said virgin planets will no longer be met?what happens with the consumption and redirection of resources from our home planet to our colonies?

So the public debate is actually our form of gov in Romania and in Atlantia
here in the center all things look more clear than in America
people need to talk and to take collective decisions based on experience of some individuals,but with collective consent
so yeah I made a great error in Romania
we still have one month left
let us implement Virtual Democracy
25% are hooked on the net
we have servers Sun with Oracle databases and Red Hat systems on them
we can put them in Cluj,Bucuresti,Constanta,Iasi,Craiova and Timisoara ,Arad,Oradea,Satu Mare,Baia Mare and other [places like Bistrita

and we can buy a lot of cheap computers for those 75% who are not hooked on the net
we can make an intranet-a big forum like here on GLP
everyone with an account there securized with 2 passes
and everyone can vote and propose laws
the simple fact that 75% more of our pop will learn english and will learn to use google and to learn various things of their interest is a huge plus
we have the internet speed we are number 2 in the world after singapore