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Trump Tards Are Just Just The Tea Tard Remnant.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 65679336
United States
11/23/2015 07:01 PM
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Trump Tards Are Just Just The Tea Tard Remnant.
After the Tea Tards got sold out by the Fascists that they elected to Congress and the rest got voted out, they have been wandering aimlessly hating on everything that breathes.

Their support of Trumps 9/11 lie is more evidence that they are just the Tea Tard Remanent.

They embarrassed themselves with their racism towards Obama and got rolled over in his election for it.

It only makes sense that they would hoist their flag to the Fascist Trump who got on the Birther Bandwagon and became it's defacto leader.

Trump is doing everything in his power to disqualify himself from the Presidential election before it gets serious but now the Tea Tards have become Trump Tards and reason,logic or common sense are not in their DNA.