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Message Subject Saturn - WHAT IS IT??? astrology, ancient history, secret society, astro-physics,
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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thank you for all the responses...

1) why is saturn worship tied to human sacrifice, particularly an only child? certainly this ties into the mythology of eating his children.....which begat what? how did this narrative come about?

No good deed goes unpunished

When very wicked deeds are done here, very "positive" energy is received there. See below

A child's innocence shines like a beaming light. To take a child's life is one, but they also sodomise young children through their root Chakra and obtain the same results.

2) saturn female??? please expand...

Saturn is neither male NOR female. It is androgynous in the strictest sense having qualities of both.
Saturn's actions in this realm take on a feminine aspect to them because it is the reflection of the two pillars.
Mercy and Severity.
Sex and Destruction.
Life and Death

Example: The first atomic test was done in the Bikini Atolls. A woman was even pictured as the personification of that event.

Now, what do women wear? Bikini's

This is just one.

Red hair is a symbol for these. The bitch, the whore, the harlot...they all represent the destructive and creative aspect of Saturn. Red hair is the "mark of Cain" it is the personified Wisdom. The owl, the Shekinah Glory, the Holy Spirit...feminine.

In movies this can also be a red or auburn haired woman who's name is Sophia...or any dirivative.

Da Vinci Code: Sophie
"Golden" Girls: Sophia
Carnevale: Sophie

The Golden Age of Saturn

The Lord of the "Rings"

When you we'd your bride, you place on her "Saturn finger" the golden ring of Saturn.

In the 90's, what was the most popular woman's fragrance?

Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers

A symbol for the black sun or Saturn

Elsie the cow for Borden Cheese. It's El...see? And Elsie is a female Cow...and the cow is who? Baal or Molech.

3) sun - saturn connection: like opposite side of same coin (duality-ish)? how does this play into siruis a, b, c and our sun's relationship with that?

Yes. The Tree of Life has a mirror counterpart. The Quibloth. When things are in chaos here, or negative energy, negative polarity energy, like for real. Electrical Current...it creates positive polarity or positively charged energy "There."

There as in that realm, the realm of the fallen. No biblical attachment necessary to understand that concept.

As Above, So Below is a "Law." It is a declarative statement of fact, not a catchphrase. What is generated here is also generated there, but it is the mirror image, just like you see "aasb" depicted in imagery.

4) saturn worship seems to also connect directly to sex cult as well....whats this connection?

Pretty well addressed already.

5) what about the pheoncians? the more i learn about them, the more confusing it gets and they are were a major saturn/el/baal culture....btw they were the purple people as well

The ancient Phoenician peopke became the Israelis and they were "God's" chosen people. The Jews. The people of the Old Testement and their God was El...their God was and still is...Saturn.

i am currently reading my children a wrinkle in time and it is quite obviously a saturn metaphor. it deals with a tesseract, time travel/manipulation, dark presence, total conformity (order), and the list goes on. everywhere i look, saturn keeps coming up.

i am curious but hesitant to proceed.
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