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College students are asking for it, I am providing it for everyone. A SAFE PLACE.

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12/03/2015 12:36 AM
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College students are asking for it, I am providing it for everyone. A SAFE PLACE.
I am sure many of you have noticed the trend coming out of universities. Students are demanding safe places from hurtful words. At first I thought maybe they should toughen up a little bit but now I am REALIZING that it is exactly what we ALL need.

I posted this thread a few days ago and continue to contemplate the message I shared and think of ways to help people through this "energetic shift" we are going through.

Thread: You are all becoming CREATORS.

One of the things I keep coming back to is the need to be continually operating out of POSITIVE THINKING/IMAGINING/ENVISIONING. Never allowing ourselves to be creators working from DARK/NEGATIVE ENERGIES.

Yesterday I posted a thread about ad hominem attacks and it got removed after I brought up Fla_ Ear_h. I dont actually want to say it because when I did yesterday Dr. As_ro, showed up within seconds and the thread was deleted.

The thread was "Ad hominem attacks are proof that the one doing the attacking is on the wrong side of the issue" and this was my OP.

"Anything you can possibly think of is either a REALITY/EXISTS or does NOT EXIST. Things that have a REALTY/EXIST we call TRUE. Things that have NO REALITY/DO NOT EXIST we call FALSE. FALSE is not the OPPOSITE of TRUE. It means that there is NO TRUTH.

Ad hominem attacks are a result of trying to support something that does NOT EXIST. The person telling the TRUTH has no reason to get riled up. They can plainly state it as it IS. Because it has a REALITY to it. The person supporting a LIE/FALSEHOOD has nothing to support it with other than more lies. A LIE/FALSEHOOD is devoid of anything TANGIBLE. So the only way to defend it is with AD HOMINEM attacks.

Pay attention to those that are calling people awful things and what side of an issue they are on. They will tell you which side of the issue is based on a LIE/FALSEHOOD.

Let there be LIGHT!"

I say, if college students want a "safe place" and TRUTH SEEKERS want a "safe place", we should all have a SAFE PLACE.

So what is this SAFE PLACE. Well it's right here. I am going to MODERATE this thread against any NEGATIVE ENERGIES. Negative comments will result in a ban from this thread. This means all ad hominem attacks. No calling anyone names, no personal attacks, no negativity whatsoever. You can say anything you want as long as it is POSITIVE.

Banning DARK NEGATIVE ENERGIES is like putting up a spiritual force field. You can participate here in this thread and see how it works. You can also use this strategy in your own threads and within your personal life.

Someone please pick a controversial topic and lets give the shields a test. :-)