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Message Subject DOOM BREAK!! Stimulate your mind!...If REALITY blinks in an out of existence at 10 to the 44th power Planck Time...? Help me figure this out!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Low doses of LSD help with visual acuity. Strong weed also.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70993673

True...I've had some amazing experiences with peripheral vision and meditation...with a little help:)

I was just hoping someone out there could add a little more to the idea of what our consciousness experiences in the other zillion times per second that we don't or can't perceive.

It would make sense, in a way, that if we could raise our vibration or frequency, (or make it faster) we would be able to perceive more than what we do normally.
 Quoting: Magnison

Id say that our subconscious picks up the things we don't expirence because your mind is constantly playing out situations so what happens to the expirences you thought about or saw in your mind? They must be played out in another universe. But I also think that our subconscious also thinks about things with out us even noticing so that's where subliminals and all that comes into play.

If one can raise vibrations like you said and have full consciousness we would be able to control whatever reality you want.

My theory is that I think words are processed to the subconscious in a coded way. And I think that's how consciousness has been hijacked by the media..everything we know. You can believe in the elites or whatever you want but I think they stole the randomness to our perception of our reality. I think they know the secret to the mathematical formula of life - which is not how it's supposed to be.

Whether you believe in God on not I think it designed everything mathematically and his system has been "hacked".

I don't think we were ever supposed know but "they" know.

Geometry and numbers are the alphabet. And that's how we are contained in this one frequency.

But honestly who really knows. I don't even know if what I wrote made sense lol.
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