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Message Subject DOOM BREAK!! Stimulate your mind!...If REALITY blinks in an out of existence at 10 to the 44th power Planck Time...? Help me figure this out!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I suggest you start a new theory because atoms or particles in general are NOT 99.9999999999999% empty space.

They are 100% empty.

An electron has no surface and there is no "stuff" inside an electron. Same can be said for a quark.

I am not even sure physicists know what they are exactly.

Overlapping force fields extending to infinity which however are not really there but are in a state of superposition with probabilities to be detected in a certain volume of space.

The reason why your hand does not go through the table is not because there is "stuff" at x,y,z position blocking you, but because some force field created by the stuff-less electrons which exist only in the form of probability waves, happen to have a high probability to be detected around what we experience as a table.
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