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Message Subject DOOM BREAK!! Stimulate your mind!...If REALITY blinks in an out of existence at 10 to the 44th power Planck Time...? Help me figure this out!
Poster Handle Major Fuckup
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Well how about this. You guys remember those old movie projectors when you can see moving plane or automobile? You knew it that is only a stack of pictures perceives by your brain as moving pictures. If universe is blinking 10 to power of 44 maybe entire universe is also a big stuck of pictures and are "time line" is nothing less than perception of moving. At that moment you can have a whole bunch of different time lines fallowing one another with little different settings. You went right, left strait or not at all. That would explain "dark matter" as other time lanes and also cancel killing own father "Time Paradox", as you are not traveling thru time but thru different time lines.
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