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Message Subject DOOM BREAK!! Stimulate your mind!...If REALITY blinks in an out of existence at 10 to the 44th power Planck Time...? Help me figure this out!
Poster Handle Magnison
Post Content
Is this phenomena we are discussing why the 11 dimension, multiverse,or string theory dogma was created?
To explain where matter goes when it seems to "disapear"?

Is it the thought that what ever it is we are,and perceive as a physical world can't be "created".
It must somehow just exist,and then go somewhere else when it is not visible or detectable to us?

So since it can't be "created" at almost light speed over and over again from nothing.
Because of the idea of a "creator" is unacceptable

It must therefor according to science and here's the "Dogma" (superstition) because it is an absolute bunch of unproven ideas
Matter goes into another dimension when it is no longer detectable to our equipment & @ the mind boggling 10/44 planck speed
Then of course popping in to this dimension over and over again so fast it creates the illusion of solidity?

I'm a lay person,I just like reading scientific journals.
Do I have the multiverse concept correct?

String theory is just a THEORY.It's no more valid any superstition as in the world created in 7 days
It's just DOGMA, a created concept to eliminate the concept of a creator, to scientist who push it,it has become religion

I personally think it's cool we don't know what reality is.
We humans as a species are too petty, selfish and cruel Fighting world wars and killing each other over nothing.Money in the bank?
How benign reality would be if we,as we are now with our primitive minds yodacould grasp it?

 Quoting: ataraxia 72462568

Hey! Thanks for resurrecting this thread! I would have to say that I think it's cool that we don't 'fully' understand what reality is. To me, it's more like we get glimpses of what it could be, just enough, to keep us curious and searching for more, and searching for more...without end.
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