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Message Subject DOOM BREAK!! Stimulate your mind!...If REALITY blinks in an out of existence at 10 to the 44th power Planck Time...? Help me figure this out!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I see where you're truing to go but I can't explain it any better. Do you think perhaps that the secret government has developed an interrupter for this? To master this would be to master space and time itself.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70228390

Nothing at all would surprise me regarding technology that we know nothing about...just where is all the trillions of dollars that the defense department can't reconcile?

I've really given it a lot of thought, since we are 'frequency translators'. I think there's an untapped secret in there somewhere about raising our vibrations/frequencies through thoughts, beliefs and emotions...which are the base frequencies that we generate at any give time.

I've experienced some cool effects through meditation and third eye type focus, which leads me to believe that we can perceive much more than we give ourselves credit for.

We can only perceive those frequencies that we are attuned to, and while most of us 'agree' on many perceptions around us (herd mentality so to speak), I believe that there are others that can perceive more for various reasons, even if unknown to themselves.

If time and distance are just an illusion and infinite realities are all playing out at the same time, then the on and off nature of reality would seem to explain, to a degree, the action of living other realities at what we perceive 'at the same time'. It's all happening so fast that it appears to be just one reality at a time.
 Quoting: Magnison

Over the years I've increasingly begun to wonder if we (the selves posting on this thread in this apparent timeline and all the rest in this timeline) are fragments of a discrete whole.

A whole in which other fragments are living interleaved, completely different lives simultaneously - in the spaces between.

OP, your observations could fit with or begin to explain my sense of what may be happening in the ultra reality of the whole to which we belong or emanate from or are operated by.

Why does what we call 'reality' blink in and out of existence??

what happens in the 'spaces' between the blinks?

Does reality create itself anew each time it pops back?

Or is it always there in potential?

If so, where is that potential (and memory) stored?

It really all does point towards some sort of very finely constructed, interwoven ultra-whole of which we know extremely little, doesn't it?

So who or what conducts the ultra-whole?
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