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Message Subject Mad World
Poster Handle Seer777
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IV. Awakenings

The bulk of our number are born ignorant to what they are. As they grow and mature, there are subtle hints of the latent power, but fear and self-doubt generally keep these from being acknowledged and accepted. Such as these must be awakened to their true selves by another of our number already familiar to our ways.

There are two rituals of initiation. The Lesser Initiation is an exchange of feeding which occurs between the teacher and the initiate. The initiate is drained deeply, often for the first time. This heightens his awareness of his energy body and will often catalyze him into realizing his potential in the next few days. The sensations that this process inspires are usually too intense to ignore or explain away. If fed from deeply enough, his instincts will overcome him and he will feed from others in order to replenish his depleted system.

The Greater Initiation involves a ritual death and rebirth which occurs on both the physical and spiritual levels for the initiate.
It is visionary and shamanic in nature and forces the initiate to face himself and all that he has been within the boundaries of his own soul. Like all deaths and rebirths, this ritual strips away old identities and assumptions. The little self of this lifetime is subsumed into the greater Self, and the initiate is irrevocably changed. This rite is reserved for only the strongest minds, for any who are weak or filled with fear may not survive the initiation. Their minds can be blown away like dry autumn leaves in the face of the totality of who they are.

~The Vampire Codex


Shaktipat (Sanskrit, from shakti - "(psychic) energy" - and pata, "to fall") refers in Hinduism to the conferring of spiritual "energy" upon one person by another

[link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]
 Quoting: Seer777

Hi Seer hope your doing ok and all is well in your world :)

Thank you for sharing this - It has been really helpful to me - such powerful energies I am sure that is why you need to have a strong mind to stand in those without losing your mind - seems you only have to start talking about these energies and everyone starts to go abit bats*** - Just about to search on the codex to look into it more - thanks once again for sharing :)
 Quoting: songwave 48180050

So glad it is helpful.

The first time I read through the Codex, it blew my mind. The second time I read through it, it blew my mind. Third, fourth, etc.. It only take about an hour to read through the whole thing.


V. Potentials
We often associate with the Awakened or with those who hover upon the threshold of Awakening. We prefer the company of those who can interact at least to some degree with the level of reality that is our constant daily experience.

By our very natures we Awaken those around us. Even those not of our kind can be affected by the transformative effects of our presence. We draw out latent powers and provide a burden of proof for individuals who have otherwise rejected their own natures due to self-doubt. We can use this intentionally if we choose, though it will always occur to some degree, whether intentional or not.

Sometimes we mistake a Potential of our own kind merely for one of the Awakened. If such an unrecognized Potential is fed from, the effect, though unintentional, is equivalent to the Lesser Initiation. The Potential feels himself undergo a change and is driven to feed from others. Such accidents cannot be abandoned. Confused as to their true nature, ignorant of their power, they wield that power nonetheless and can cause much damage to themselves and others if left to struggle on their own.
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