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Message Subject Mad World
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The art(i)ficial and the disingenuous.

Do you suppose consciousness knows it's artifi(c)ial?

Only the artist is free because it makes no allusions to predetermined connections.

Only concerning itself with what could be, as recognition begins to glimmer in the neural impulse it has crystallized to be objectively studied.

The hum of slowly dawning awareness.

The subtle change in light.

Creating cases to parse the circuitry of concious.

I think it's a good summer to lend oneself to the ideas of post-war influences on science fiction and the emerging alien m(e)mes.

The alien pilots hovering overhead, watching, waiting.

For what? A projection of a projection.

How did (S)erling say it: not of sight and sound but of mind.

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