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Message Subject Mad World
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
Thread: Gateway Process CIA FOIA Document

Link to actual document in video discription. This shit will blow you mind with vast implications to the nature of the universe on a macro and micro level. "Men who stare at Goats..." project assesses altered states, remote viewing, holographic universe, time travel, dimensions, Mandella Effect, the nature of consciousness and what appears to be the key to just about everthing paranormal or even occult.j

The Motherload of all Woo...

 Quoting: Pragmatist

That is one wild document!?!?!?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!!!!

Hope many more see this and comment!!!!

I was going to ask you if you had the link to the document but the video already had it in the description.

Seeing this as a matter of study from the DOD is beyond surreal!!!

[link to www.cia.gov (secure)]

Giving you five smile_kiss and suggesting thread pinning!!!
 Quoting: Red Hot Chilean Pepe

The bit on Transcendetal Meditation is spot on what I began to experience suddenly in January 2012. Right down to split sides, feet, heart, and timeline.

I was utilizing Theta binaural beats during meditation as well.

Good read.

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