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Message Subject Mad World
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The whole entangling thing seems to either settle down or even stop somewhat when I sleep right / left side way, and at same time think of peaceful scenes before going to sleep:

"its alright. Things will be alright."

idk if its gonna help anyone or not, it works most of time for me.
 Quoting: Xlegic

I have all sorts of tricks I utilize to quell the insomnia. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

I bought a sleep aid this week.

Are you consoling the energy or yourself?
 Quoting: Seer777

For myself, but by imagining or uttering what I said in my head.. it seems to work both way or something like that.

The energy or hallucinating sensations coming from my legs as if someone was/is present here with me while I'm resting. I see nothing physical change, but the sensations felt almost real.
 Quoting: Xlegic

It's invisible. In 7 years, not one person, claimed psychic or otherwise, has physically approached me, to tell me..what is around me. Although I feel it..near constantly. I even had an 'self-promoted aura reader' set up across from me for years.

Not. A. Word..

Do you ever tell it to go away..and it won't?

What do you do then?
 Quoting: Seer777


I'd turn sideway or partially facing down and let my mind wander to peaceful scenes or something like that, I'd tune to that and shift my perception or sensory feelings toward to that. Then less receiving the said sensations (due to attention of consciousness and all). This works at least for me, just not all time.

It always return to me whenever I go to rest or sleep. At odd times (not very often though), sometimes I'd get some hallucinating sensations while I'm up during daytime.

2 years and half for me.
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