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They don't need to attack, terror is already spreading (Observations)

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12/12/2015 02:35 AM
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They don't need to attack, terror is already spreading (Observations)
I had a moment while at work so I checked the site just to quickly skim through the thread titles. Doing this is a good way in my opinion when you have only a minute and want to see if anything big happened.

Something I've noticed though is the last couple weeks everyone has been on edge. Even people offline seem more...reserved, cautious, aware even. You can see fear in their body language, their actions, what they buy, and who they talk to about "the latest".

It hit me when I was reading the thread on the cell phone purchases, and I saw the reactions to each new one, then the thread on the "sighting" on deer cam. They don't need to attack to instill fear anymore. I'm not saying they won't, but people are so on edge that they are jumping at the mere mention of something. It reminds me of that scene in Signs where the first glimpse of the Aliens was that walk across on the birthday tape.

Maybe I'm just looking at it wrong, but we're doing the attack on ourselves, and whomever is behind this is just providing the fodder that we expect to put together into these terrorist shadows that make us jump. I mean...like with the cell phones, why would they get this far then make the fundamental mistake of buying in bulk in an obvious manner? That's nagged at me a great deal and I can't help but try to figure it out, and the psychological attack is the only way I can justify a mistake...not being a mistake.

The reason I bother posting this at all is to ask you, the readers and commenters of GLP, to take one moment and consider this, ponder what it means if true, and just be aware that despite anything else that happens, your number one enemy is inside your head.

Thank you all for your time, your valuable insights, your ridicule even if I'm off base. I just couldn't help but at least say this even if laughed off, maybe one other person will agree and be immunized somewhat against things, which is enough.