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10 Things Truth Seekers Should Beware Of In 2016

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 71152250
01/02/2016 08:03 AM
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10 Things Truth Seekers Should Beware Of In 2016
10 Things Truth Seekers Should Beware Of In 2016

JANUARY 1, 2016
By Bernie Suarez

Itís a brand new year and as truth seekers we should be on the lookout for synthetic conflicts that are intended to lead us into a new global order. The ideal situation is one in which we are highly vigilant while enjoying our lives. With that said, Happy New Year to all.

Want to be effective? Want to feel fully oriented to life? Then break away from the ignorance and pay attention to what is happening both globally and domestically. A crucial element to survival in 2016 will be our ability to pay attention to what matters. So pay attention and be on the lookout for boobytraps, upcoming conflicts, deceptions and new challenges that come our way and be prepared to quickly come up with effective solutions.

Here are a few important things to be on the lookout in the new year. This list is a product of observations made from the past, observations of human behaviors in the context of todayís social engineering, as well as observations of clearly stated goals of the State. Let us learn from the past and let us observe and listen to what is happening and what is being said. Pay attention, our future lies in the balance. It isnít every year when we can say this, but if being on the brink of a third world war, having all our rights and privacy stripped away by a corrupt government, being surrounded by a violent empire that thrives on enslaving others, and being surrounded by a world where staged mass shootings are becoming the norm Ö if this is not reason for concern, I donít know what is.

With that said, here are ten things I believe all truth seekers should be aware of and stay vigilant about.

1 Ė Beware of same old election year propaganda campaign promises

The propaganda is already cranking up. Politically speaking itís one big repeating version of Groundhog Day. The same lies, proclaimed morality and promises. Politicians telling the dumb stupid idiots who believe them, exactly what they want to hear. Weíre seeing the show already unfolding as we close out 2015. Though many of us know itís a show full of lies and deceit, we are already seeing even alternative media at times taking the politicians seriously. As if anyone is really going to step into a political network oozing with corruption, and truly make a difference.

Heed the warning please. Look around you and realize that we are being lied to every single day. The politicians who are playing on the platform of the corrupt system will do as they are told by the same controllers who did 9/11. The sad reality is that nothing has been fixed since then. The criminals are still in charge and this should be the focus of this coming yearís election.

Instead of falling for the typical election year mind control psyop, letís all contemplate instead on the 7 years of lies weíve been told by Obama. Now more than ever we should dig up all the freedom-related campaign promises Obama told and see if you can use this to wake more people up to the fraud the US elections represent. Keep in mind that Ron Paul was much more popular than John McCain, Mitt Romney or any of the Republican candidates in 2012, yet he was eliminated due to fraud and corruption.

Ask yourself, what hope does America have for an election that will be any less corrupt? This should be your mindset with regard to the elections entering 2016.

2 Ė Beware of more crisis actor traitors volunteering to cooperate in more false flag staged shootings.

Obama has already stated he wants to make gun control the number one issue on his agenda in 2016. Realize that the strength of the long list of staged mass shootings has been the treasonous crisis actors being used to tell the ďstory.Ē The oddities are mounting sky high. Pick any staged mass shooting event and notice how each one is uniquely fake. They each have their own oddities and inexplicable components that give them away as staged. From the 2 gas masks spotted at the scene at the Colorado theater shooting, the 3 white tall males with military uniform reported at the San Bernardino shooting, the runaway white male suspect cutting through the woods at Sandy Hook that no one ever mentioned again, the platoon of Craft International agents swarming the scene prior to the explosion at the Boston bombing, the missing cell phone video evidence at the Paris shooting, and the evidence of the same crisis actors appearing over and over again in different shootings. These are just a few examples of how crisis actors and main actors are being used over and over again, and itís time for all of America to pay attention and start focusing on what we can do about crisis actor traitors.

One thing we can clearly observe is that the controllers are now relying heavily on these crisis actors. They are turning to these actors for cooperation and presumably paying them very well. Step back and see the model in play and letís come together in a special way to find new ways to end this treason and deception. Perhaps someone can infiltrate the recruitment process and videotape the conversation for everyone to hear. Perhaps we can figure out a legal process for organizing a citizenís arrest process. Itís time to get creative. More on this issue coming in 2016.

[link to www.activistpost.com]