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Subject Depositors Die and Banks Live in Next Financial Calamity
Poster Handle Chugiakian
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[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Ellen Brown-Depositors Die and Banks Live in Next Financial Calamity
Public banking expert Ellen Brown warns that people are more at risk in the U.S. to lose their savings because the five biggest banks have nearly $250 trillion in derivatives. In a financial calamity that could cause mass bankruptcies, recent legislation says the derivative holders will be paid first. Brown explains, “The have super priority over everything. . . . All the creditors’ money will be taken in a bail-in. A bail-in is the opposite of a bankruptcy. In a bankruptcy, the bank is liquidated in order to pay off the creditors. In a bail-in, the creditors’ money is taken in order to keep the bank alive. So, we get to die while the bank lives instead of the reverse. They specifically say ‘creditors’ which means shareholders and bond holders, but what most people don’t realize is depositors are also considered creditors. When you put your money in a bank, it becomes the property of the bank, and all you have is an IOU.”
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