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Message Subject Agenda 2030 is about implementing the MARK OF THE BEAST. A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT UNDER THE U.N. **UPDATE PAGE 5**
Poster Handle Osmium76
Post Content
Well since the constitution doesn't mention the UN, and since the UN doesn't mean shit to me, and since they are all a waste of our tax dollars....

Get the hell out, and take Obama with you.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10103926

All it takes is for Hillary to get into office and be as inept as she has always been. Then she can declare martial law and have Obama and his UN goons swoop in to save the day. The stage is set for a recipe of disaster.

We already had our first black man in a leadership role....(yeah I know, he never should have been). Now they will want the first female President.

Everything is falling apart. The Agenda 2030 wants a global bio-metric ID of every HUMAN on the planet. The ones setting it up also want to dissolve borders and make YOU a global citizen. Its here, they are just rolling it out. Don't say you have not been warned!

The stock market, attack on our Constitutional rights, food issues, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, corruption in government, earthquakes, flooding, volcanic activity, wars, etc.

Things are not looking good. This time next year will tell us the truth of the matter.
 Quoting: Osmium76

I've been saying this for a while now, and I believe his entire presidency has been to destroy the US from within, making us ripe for a takeover. He's an absolute pro at destabilizing countries, as we've seen in the ME. He's been hard at work here too.

1. Destroy the economy.
2. Weaken the military.
3. Gun control.
4. Open borders.
5. Actively import foreigners who already want to see the US destroyed.
6. Install another puppet lib president to continue this agenda. I think he really wanted Biden, but Killary will do.
7. Succeed Ban Ki Moon.
8. Commence large FF event. Heck, it might even be a real event.
9. Martial law declared.
10. UN takeover (unless military leaders follow their oath.)

 Quoting: Ziconic

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