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Message Subject Agenda 2030 is about implementing the MARK OF THE BEAST. A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT UNDER THE U.N. **UPDATE PAGE 5 & 6**
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP I'm not disabled, but I've also spent an outrageous amount of time for more than a decade delving into truly figuring out anything about world politics, humanity in general, and this New World Order crap. What a bummer to be right.

It is going into place, and all too soon, the trap will spring, and it's on. Lot's of foolish people thought that preparing was the answer. Even more people knew and did nothing. The Vast majority have no clue. But it will not matter soon.

If we don't do something before the lights go out. We're actually Doomed. The really real Doom with a side of Rape and Torture.

I hope people can make this realization, give up hope of others fixing this, and realize that we must as individuals and a collective rise up and stop this mess now. Waiting is Suicide.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70064009

I appreciate your sentiment...... AND THANK YOU FOR AGREEING.

HOWEVER......this is more like a tsunami.

Nearly everyone will be unprepared to face the challenges ahead, Prepped or not. This is set to spill over in the coming weeks and months. Chaos will reign. That is my OPINION. It goes right back to the thread title. If this was money........this would be the telling. (follow the money)
 Quoting: Osmium76

Well as I'm sure you know, that's exactly how the money flowing to the Central Banks made it all too obvious who was in the heart of the problem.

I agree, this thing is going to take everyone by surprise, especially the "prepared" ones. Watch out for robot dogs and swarms of micro drones with weapons. Ugh.

The future is so Bright... I gotta wear shades.

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