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Message Subject Agenda 2030 is about implementing the MARK OF THE BEAST. A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT UNDER THE U.N. **UPDATE PAGE 5 & 6**
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Can you please tell me something I don’t know. Lol

Trump finishes Obama’s bombing of Shia in Qatar and Yemen guaranteeing attack on Saudi Arabia by Shia. The arch enemy of Iran. (Besides Israel)

Crypto worldwide with a DNA sign on. (Must have Satan’s DNA marker)

A genetic marker is a gene or DNA sequence with a known location on a chromosome that can be used to identify individuals or species. It can be described as a variation (which may arise due to mutation or alteration in the genomic loci) that can be observed.

This alteration will be electronically programmed as a permanent mark making you unrecognizable to God.

6 electrons 6 protons 6 nuetrons

6th day man was made
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76832089

What's your point about Shia? Shia are the craziest most aggressive Islamists. Obama supported that regime in Iran. Trump is against it.

Trump cannot make everyone stop crypto anyway. Technology continues to advance. But I feel a lot freer than I did under Obama.
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