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Message Subject Donald Trump is General George Patton Reincarnated
Poster Handle White Gloves
Post Content
General George Patton believed in reincarnation. Patton claimed he had seen combat many times before in previous lives, including as a Roman legionnaire and as part of the 14th-century army of John the Blind of Bohemia. Before the 1943 invasion of Sicily, British General Harold Alexander told Patton, “You know, George, you would have made a great marshal for Napoleon if you had lived in the 19th century.” Patton replied, “But I did.” The general believed that after he died he would return to once again lead armies into battle.

Donald Trump was born less than six months after Patton died. Donald Trump was born June 14, 1946 and Patton died December 21, 1945.

Trump and Patton share similar facial features. Here's a video showing the similarities in their face.

[link to m.youtube.com (secure)]

Here's a couple of videos of Patton speaking. Notice the uncanny resemblance to the way Trump speaks. Also, their mouth and facial expressions are almost identical.

[link to m.youtube.com (secure)]

[link to m.youtube.com (secure)]

Now look at this video of Trump on Letterman back in 1988 talking about running for president. Trump says "I don't think America is ready to win yet, do you think America is ready to win?". It's almost like he knows deep down in his soul he is Patton reincarnated and is distined to lead America to greatness again.

Got to 24:10 to see clip
[link to m.youtube.com (secure)]
 Quoting: ChadsDiebold

I like your proposition, however if the great Honey Badger was born less than six months after George, that means he was short at least 3 months for his spirit to be placed. God Almighty creates life (spirit) at the moment of conception. So the math won't line up.
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