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Message Subject Donald Trump is General George Patton Reincarnated
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No, not PATTON.


 Quoting: PACNWGUY-01
oh right , joe biden got the patton genetics shot into him . i got the jesus guy aka the ET visitor of giza genetics shot into me for the memories and you were still waiting on christ when i am already here . surprise, it true . thats why look like all the paintings of christ and i do have extra esp and psi abilities like a prophet would have . god is the moons frequency generator that i have excess through the stimoceiver /feather of maat judgement god of giza and satan is the underground frequency generators i also control . the bible came from the giza sciences ... surprise again . thats why katy sings ET and has jesus on her wrist . its me . i even gave everyone the keys of heaven to defeat hell in this thread like jesus gave simon peter and elijah passed down the mantle > 777 is the number of god because i am god .
 Quoting: t ceti h c radnarg 71197400

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