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Message Subject Tabernacle vs. Eukaryotic Cell Biology
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

that concept seems to match the symbolism fairly closely
in the way you describe it
brings to mind the question of how much they really knew and how much they guessed at or borrowed and how much they got played into telling a story or allegory
there always seems to be a certain amount of piety necessary to be vested with the higher workings of what was all going on
or the lower end of the tribes might become annoyed and feeling used at not being given answers while being told to act and do things that really make no sense
or after the first few pages of the bible God could have written stuff like
stop smoking drugs
this part contains a symbolic representation of conception
stuff like that instead of confusing dictates of shit nobody rightly understands but feels compelled to participate and act out anyhow in compliance and out of emotions like fear and flocking tendencies
maybe it was stuff like that for fun before tv and mechanized warfare
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