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Message Subject Tabernacle vs. Eukaryotic Cell Biology
Poster Handle A Friend
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 Quoting: A Friend

I read The Iridescent Pearl (I couldn't resist the title).

Very impressive. It's like a lifetime of Wisdom distilled into a little book.

Here is my take...

The Pearl is the Philosopher's Stone.

There are two kinds...

Red and White.

The Red Pearl represents the path to Reincarnation.

The White Pearl represents the path to Heaven.

Both are a type of Phoenix.

The Monkey is Mankind trying to become immortal like a 'god' by stealing the White Pearl.

The Dragons represent DNA.

The Yellow/Purple Yin Yang is the same duality as the Pearls...

Yellow is the Gold of New Jerusalem in Heaven (like my Avatar).

Purple is the color of Sin and Worldy things.

A choice has to be made... it's either one or the other.

We can't have both and that's why the Dragon sleeps.

It has to wait a long time for the decision to be made.


I see evidence of reincarnation in the Bible.

It's being covered up by the Powers That Be.

Just my humble opinion.

I am reminded of this song...

 Quoting: Base12

Truly, God has brought you to me for a reason.
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