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Message Subject Tabernacle vs. Eukaryotic Cell Biology
Poster Handle A Friend
Post Content
[link to www.mostholyplace.com]

I'm reading your web page.

I'm curious as to what you mean in this sentence...

As you are reading this… DNA monitoring checkpoints are being set up all around the country to keep tabs on the progress. Checking for marijuana intoxication will aid efforts in this area.
 Quoting: A Friend

Thanks for taking the time to read my site!

You may have noticed I'm quite the Fundamentalist.


At the time I wrote that, "No Refusal" blood-draw checkpoints were big in the news.

The point being that the legalization of Marijuana may eventually be just the 'excuse' Law Enforcement needs to change policies to be able draw blood anytime they want for drug testing.

Consequently, these blood samples may eventually end up in the hands of the "highest" bidder (no pun intended, lol) who may then use them for nefarious purposes, such as DNA analysis and monitoring.

Kind of a nice way for Cops to make a little extra cash eh?

Last time I checked, "Drug Check Points" are still illegal...

[link to www.orlandocriminalteam.com]

...but you know how it goes.

Now then...

We know that eating bacon doesn't mean we will grow a pig's snout or if we eat broccoli, we won't grow leaves out of our ears or whatever.


There is no way of knowing how our bodies will react to this so called 'Alien DNA' that I'm sure will end up in our food supply one day.

They may be poison to us, or our bodies may reject them entirely.


If we assimilate these new Nucleobases into our Genes, then we will have taken a major step towards the Mark of the Beast (which is Transhumanism).

Essentially what this means is that we just re-wrote God's Book and consequently wrote ourselves right out of the Book of Life and into the Beast System.

If Drug (DNA) Checkpoints ever become legal, then I would say it's a very bad sign indeed.

 Quoting: Base12

The blood draw for marijuana can only be a total scam of the highest degree. Cannabis is fat soluble and takes more than a month to leave a person's system. If they use this as the reason then ... idiots all around.

Your site is amazing and I'm still reading. :)
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