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Message Subject Panama
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You're in Panama and in a casino?

Outside Panama province is beautiful. Drive up to Chiriqui and go white water rafting, stay at a B&B on a volcano slope-- go white water rafting on the Chagras, tour Lake Gantun, visit Ell Valle, Panama Viejo, the locks, Colon city free zone, (Carefully, very carefully) Visit Portobello and have some pantacones at the shack that's down a dock to the water, have Argentinian steak with authentic chimichuri at the steak house downtown. Visit Los Islas Amador, the Smithsonian research institute..Panama is amazing, and you're in the casino? LOL.

Visit the outlaying island Boca del Tores (by ferry) if you wish to swim, do not swim ANYWHERE on the cost of Panama. Ever. There is only one sewage treatment plant in the country, that is (was knowing Panamanian preventive maintenance...if you'd like a whiff of what you'd be swimming in, head to Punta Paitilla in the morning. Breath deep. (The Pacific side has a 17 foot tide so until the tide comes in all the sewage just lays there). Visit Las Perlas,the home of the Kuna Indians, buy a few of their crafts, such as the highly prized molas (antique ones can go for big $$).

Visit Isla Coranado, the church of the golden altar near Chorillo, I could type here all day. Panamanian people speak English, and yes the Balboa and the Dollar are equal, always have been. Don't fall for a higher price because something is marked b instead of $ sometimes they say 3 balboas but 5 dollars. heh.

Keep money handy to bribe police if you drive,keep your windows rolled up when in the city, and do not stop for any cops that jump out in front of you in the interior. Just hit the gas and start weaving....and wave at him.
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