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Message Subject Why do they spend so much money to bury fake dinosaur bones to enforce the satanic theory of evolution?
Poster Handle Remedial Rebel
Post Content

Those fools, oh those poor fools that subscribe to the folly of science when the obvious truth is so clear.

By the power of the prose, the Greek poet Hesiod immortalizes the mighty beast Pegasus who brings lightning to the god of gods the almighty Zeus. He who then throws the lightning to the earth to hit the pool of primordial soup to bring forth life.

What pray tell could blind these poor fools to such a brilliant truth, why it must be Hyades, god of the underworld who speaks through the Sirens with enchanting voices speak such science and live on the isles of university and college.

Beware and forewarned they will lead you astray from the truth of the gods of Olympus.
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