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Front Cover of the book
The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?
Interdimensional Communication & Global Transformation: By Wynn Free with David Wilcock

"David Wilcock is Edgar Cayce." - URI GELLER

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945). "the sleeping prophet", is widely considered to the most documented and accurate psychic in the Western world. Speaking from a trance, Cayce gave the afterlife realms a voice. Popular contemporary intuitive/researcher David Wilcock has believed since 1998 that he is Cayce's reincarnation, but refused to allow publication of a book about it... until now. Author Wynn Free unveils the stunning case that led him from initial skepticism to conviction of the claim's authenticity.

The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? details the intriguing connection between Cayce and Wilcock and presents the case for both having the same source for their prophetic information. Through the inspirational, life transforming words from Wilcock's Higher Self--part of a group soul known as "Ra"--readers can learn how the new obvious "Earth Changes" are energetic increases occuring also on the sun and all other planets in scientifically measureable ways. Breathtaking new evidence indicates how this energy can transform DNA, potentially making ESP, telekinesis, levitation, and other paranormal activities as common as breathing--ushering in the "Golden Age" promised by every major spiritual tradition in human history.

"Wynn Free introduces compelling arguments to demonstrate his thesis. I encourage you to read this book and make up your own mind."
--Drunvalo Melchizedek, originator of the Flower of Life Merkaba

"I am just stunned by your book...When I got to page 26, I had to close it for a minute and pray like mad that I could be of proper service to support this". -- Sondra Ray, spiritual healer, teacher, and author of Healing and Holiness and Loving Relationships II

"For those who recognize truth, this book resonates its wisdom. If you allow yourself to stretch into the fascinating realities herein, it may change your life forever". -- Konrad Kaserer, spiritual leader of Unity Church of Flagstaff, Arizona
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