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Poster Handle Hiram
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Edgar Cayce directly predicted on numerous occasions that his next incarnation in this plane of existence would occur in the year 2050.

He was very clear on this.

He stated the incarnation would be in the State of Nebraska (yes, its still there) and that it would, at that point in time lie on the coast of a sea (presumably due to Earth changes?)

Cayce made many predictions about the future that have simply not come to pass in this timeline. This is very mysterious do to his general record but not if we consider the possibility that our timeline has been considerably altered and continues to be.
Now other sources of channeled information (such a drunvalo) have stated that since September of 1972 when a huge Solar flare was diverted from striking the Earth by extraterrestrials, many of the timelines...including Cayces were altered.

Just some ideas to consider in any event.
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