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Message Subject The illuminati voices promise me ill be cloned
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP: in the case its legit, because this kind of thing can and has happened, but it also could be entrapment by the negatives around who like to mess with people, dark entities, etc.

But in case it's real, say NO. You don't work for them, or sign those contracts. That would block your graduation in this life or the next and you can't harm people. The very basis for the test is harming others, not religion, not my god versus your god. God is Higher Mind/Infinite Spirit/Mind, Family, but nothing like a being with a rod and staff. We're all infinite parts of Higher Mind's Infinity.

The test is Goodness, not harming others, and growth, overcoming our weaknesses.

I had a message from spirit last night. It related to all the negative messages online, to world events. And feeling really depressed lately.

Believing some of the PTB programming.

A Guardian Angel/Guide/Family spoke to me and told me that I was a wonderful soul, not to feel down about any of the issues here, because family and family concerns and trying to reach people is far more important than taking on the world (this related to my wish to find something that could help the world and feeling that my ability to grow skills here was put aside by having the 5 boys, and looking after my mother who is a shut in, and can't do anything, or cook meals, even simple ones). I was told family and helping people and trying to pick them up and solve problems, is far more important than the framework of the world.

That we can't solve world problems, we can support each other and help. Some may be able to influence or wake others up more, but its not why everyone is here.

We can make make imprints on the film roll, color scenes up our way, but events still occur.

What I was shown next related to the elite/ptb. The Windsor's, Rockerfellers, Rothschild's, royals, and world mismanagers.

Was shown how much they look down upon and think its failure for humans to work with their families and simply strive to live. But that they alone can't do anything.

They are propped up and supported by the work of many servant and aids.

They'd be working with family and in various menial jobs like everyone, relying on services and programs themselves.

That their whole dark gnostic religious programming means nothing.

The real growth, in each lifetime, and hopefully not here, or in a more permanent family home, (don't plan on coming back to lower mind places without memories agin) is with family, friends, and with your gifts.

Their mismanagement of the world and murder of humanity and nature, and dark beliefs has made train wrecks of their lives and progression.

They need major help and counseling themselves from above.

They are extremely weak beings who can't do things themselves and need slaves to prop them up.

Also, they believe they're pure and above us, and rely on the corruption of their aids and tools, who accomplish the murders and harsh missions, while they work on absolving their guilt or conscience, absolution of care, believing this keeps them in a higher state and safe. They rely on a mechanism in the universe, a cause and effect mechanics of the testing ground, but guess they think its just an abandoned piece of equipment.

And they'd be wrong.

A metaphor for all of this would be, we're all in a Mind/Spirit classroom, like students watching a video in school. And we enter in with a small portion of our mind, imagination, and live the plot without remembering who we are, to see what we're made of. But the equipment is right there, in heaven with family that we never truly left.

The part they're right about is the need to work with consciousness and law of affinty, mind over matter, and clear our minds of lower thoughts, and keep positive. And start to envision a better, equal, loving, progressed world, see positive solutions, even the long shot occurring, miracles. See relationships repairing, and good communication happening, people waking up. They use this for gain, but its a crippled lower mind form.

They're predators stuck on lower realms until they grow up themselves.
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

I would rather stay here and help the less enlightened of earth.
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