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Message Subject I've been using a "God Helmet" recently.
Poster Handle animuspax
Post Content
expensive yes. but ya got to have priorities in life, ya know? ;-)

there are several different "protocols" that are used in his various studies. some of the study designs use slightly different configurations of the magnets involved.

the protocol i used first was the 6 week configuration. one session a week for 6 weeks. over that time i did notice a definite shift in my thoughts and my internal experience. there was a noticeable shift in the level of internal dialogue i had going on versus my experience before.

i have also tried the protocol after which the device is named. it is a one time, sixty minute session and is intended to elicit a response during the actual session. keep in mind i have only done this once so far, but the experience was amazing. it put me in a meditative state but fully alert, sort of like being in that relaxed state as you fall asleep. i enjoyed it very much.

here is a good video of a talk that Persinger gave that i found informative. its a bit long be warned. [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

if the device is a placebo then i am happy with the results. it does concern me just a tad that there are no real longitudinal studies of the effects over long periods of time. i could just be melting my brain or something... ;-)
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