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Message Subject BREAKING! SAUDIS moving MILITARY into SYRIA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
expeditionary forces and amphibuous assault ships begin exercises off of guam this week ,military personnel leave being cancelled as new orders to yellow sea preparing for operation vigilant guard , australian minesweepes deployed with vietnam navy and reemergence of mothball fleet in martinez california commences, raytheon hiring thousands over the coming months and haliburton prepares for pentagon ban on all oil exports until reserves meet emergency levels, two trains spotted headed east with fema vehicles en route to michigan and 17 missing persons from california are discovered in military installation near china lake amnesic and chemically inebriated, a four star general resigns and a gag order is placed on his report on extraordinary rendition of us citizens to guantamano, darpa whistleblower leaks asymmetrical biological weapon false flag implementation in mediterranean port, russian submarines off lompoc peninsula surface minutes before vandenberg missile test failure,
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