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Radioactive spill at the nuclear plant site in New York, US

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02/09/2016 09:21 AM
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Radioactive spill at the nuclear plant site in New York, US
The Indian Point nuclear plant in New York reported a radioactive spill that began on February 5, 2016. Since then, groundwater tests conducted directly at the plant site showed a 65 000% increase in radioactivity, media reported.

The water leak happened when a drain overflowed as the workers were transferring highly radioactive water during a maintenance exercise. Under normal circumstances, a sump pump would filter the water into another system, however, it seems it was out of order at the time of the incident, and the water seeped into the groundwater instead.

It is still not familiar how much water has spilled, but analysis revealed radioactivity levels surpassing 8 million picocuries per liter, the highest regulators recorded so far at the Indian Point nuclear plant. Normal radioactivity levels measure around 12 300 picocuries per liter.

[link to thewatchers.adorraeli.com]