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The frame-up of Julian Assange by Swedish cultural marxists

Anonymous Coward
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02/12/2016 04:56 PM
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The frame-up of Julian Assange by Swedish cultural marxists
Translated from swedish using google translate

"I had actually intended to hold the tongue in it after a UN communiqué again flared up sexdebatten of WikiLeaks-founder and whistle-blower Julian Assange. This time the issue is a tad off Avpixlats watch areas. But after the Expressen Cultural Affairs Karin Olsson has taken a giant leap beyond both their site's statement to the newspaper supposedly bourgeois-liberal line to comment on the issue of a one-eyed, if not blind, radical feminist men hate pamphlet, I have changed my mind.

The Julian Assange suffered can not be described in any other way than as a real legal scandal. The case will in future history books is likely to be mentioned in the same breath as judicial murder against Thomas Quick (Sture Bergwall). It is also a frightening example of how vindictive radical feminism eaten into the Swedish legal system, the political establishment and the media watchdog. The case of Julian Assange is Franz Kafka's process in reality.

For more than five years ago, Assange lived like a rock star. In particular, in leftist circles he enjoyed hero status after having been instrumental in the WikiLeaks revelations about the ugly back of the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. As befits a rock star toured Assange to different countries, and everywhere he was greeted by lots of fans - and groupies.

This was especially true in the sexually liberated Sweden. It felt Assange that it into the henhouse newcomer rooster in Cornelis Vreeswijk 'hen Agda', and "that he was fit and healthy, got our chickens a love moment". Two of the Swedish 'chickens' who let themselves be stored by the 'rooster' Assange during his celebrated visit to Sweden in 2010 was Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén.
Like the hen Agda rope was too chicken Anna with internal contradictions versus the newcomer rooster. In Agdas case it was frustration at being forced to yield to the beauty of the rooster conferred all the other hens. In Anna's case, it was the conflict between her radical feminist women's freedom ideals and her old-fashioned Christian sexual morality that caused it.

Anna had been in Sweden Assange stay offered to act as his secretary. Anna fell so well in the classical secretarial role she perfected the template by going to bed with his boss. When Anna thus entangled Julian she offered him to move into her home. The head belonged to Anna wedding bells ringing.

For Julian, Anna was, however, just one of several pastime in Sweden it would turn out. He had never before reflected Anna otherwise. Still, it came as a shock to Anna when the younger her friend Sofia Wilén suddenly called her and wanted to get in touch with Julian because she was worried that he might have infected her with HIV. This is because they had several intercourse, one without condom.

Anna feels during the conversation with Sofia abyss of hell open beneath her and purgatory flames lick her feet. Her embrace with Julian turned into a battle of two betrothed beautiful compound into something ugly and sinful. The buttonless fuck-feminist Anna does not have a chance to make himself heard over the Christian moralist Anna.

But Anna also has a weakness for Old Testament vengeance thinking. She has recently written and on his blog published a handbook on how to get revenge on a man who has taken itself of the offered sweets but then gone out to pick fresh fruits. "In love and war everything is allowed" called it, and that lying is not excluded. On the contrary, it is something that Anna in his revenge manual ardently advocating that method to make life hell for the treacherous man.

Anna decides to take action. Julian will bitterly regret it, she thinks. And she will succeed beyond expectations will prove. Anna convinces Sofia to follow and talk to a feminist convinced police she knows. This official for help in getting hold of Assange and extort from him an HIV test in order to satisfy Sofia's concerns. Anna, however, the police visit the driving and presents quite other functions aimed at also get Assange prosecuted for sex crimes.

Sexual abuse is of course in contrast to promiscuity punishable. And Anna lucky. She lives in a country where the radical feminist structures that she herself helped to create pervades society, including the judiciary. As women according postmarxistisk power structure analysis collectively considered as a vulnerable group and men as primitive animals, the standard of proof is often low in sexual offenses.

Men are, by definition and collective obligation - Taliban FI leader Schyman expressed it - and carry on an original sin of the past centuries with the oppression of women. Even lower is the standard of proof if the victim is a state of feminism's own sisters. She can count on the full lineup of collegiate establishment, even if it means that a miscarriage of justice committed.

Some sexual assault has not been understood by Assange against either Sofia or Wilén Anna Ardin. But after consulting with the Christian sisters in international discussion forums and read some of the book of the law, Anna realized that there still is a possibility to get Assange prosecuted for such.

Anna manages to convince Sophia to say that she entered into an explicit agreement with Julian about only having protected sex. If Julian at one of intercourse with Sofia still not put on a condom, it can - if the law of interpretation - suspected that Julian has committed a sexual offense in that he can have Anna exposed to the danger of infecting her with a sexually transmitted disease.

Obviously, it was under the radical feminist contaminated law only Julian's responsibility to ensure that a condom was used. Sofia could of course not have said from. She belongs to the exposed womanhood and therefore should not be required any responsibility in this regard. Here we can make a reflection about how this view of women as incapable and spineless Mahan rhymes with feminist message of women as equal to men. But that kind of inconsistency "both eat your cake and have it too" rhetoric is not unusual in the Swedish feminist movement.

Now recall Anna also, by applying a little creative visualization, that a condom has broken during one of her own sex with Julian. She also convinces himself that this can not have been an accident. Julian has instead had broken the condom on purpose, just if he intentionally neglected to put on a condom at one of intercourse with Anna.

Assange is thus an evil man and a woman-hater who get a kick out of exposing women to the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Now he must be stopped. And Anna, with the assistance of Sophia and a corrupt judicial system to ensure that it is done.
When the two former rivals now försystrade trudging off to the police to tell their stories condom and Anna require that these be taken up as a notification under the appropriate criminal offense, it is the start of the dethroning of Assange from acclaimed visselblåsarhjälte to fugitive sexual offender.

To begin with, it looks like that justice and reason will prevail. Anna polisvän get no respect from the kvinnlige prosecutor to prosecute Assange. She believes that the prosecutor and the court have better things to do than penalize sloppiness condom between otherwise consensual sex partners. That Assange purposely would have broken a condom and not taken on another in order to infect women with sexually transmitted diseases perceive prosecutor rightly that scarcely credible.

Another female prosecutor decides after a little pressure despite this, the questioning of form still be held with Assange. Such questioning arises Assange also, something that is rarely told in the left-liberal media's demonization of Assange because he refused to return to Sweden to be heard by the prosecutor.

The case is placed correctly down. Some crimes can not be deemed to have been committed, much less proved. It could and should be the story ended. But Anna Ardin does not give up.

Using his political connections within the establishment, she manages to persuade a third female prosecutors to get involved in the case of the two condoms. It is not the prosecutor at any time without the Prosecutor and convinced the radical feminist Marianne Ny, who devoted most of their politicized prosecution career to men of crimes against women. New choices on political motives to reopen the investigation against Assange as her two subordinates and more apolitical working prosecutorial colleagues put down.

Assange now realize that the Swedish justice is not fair, leaving Sweden and travels to the UK. New issues where an international arrest warrant and UK authorities go after political pressure behind the scenes from the Swedish Foreign Ministry to extradite him to Sweden. For this to be possible, choose the New prosecutors to upgrade the crime of rape of kondomslarvet.

Ardin is trying now to brush up on his history of the torn condom by submitting a broken condom to the police. It turns out, however, the forensic examination that the condom is completely unused. The only plausible explanation for this is of course that Ardin falsified evidence.

Ardin prosecuted not for the prank and left-liberal media keep silent about the incident. And although Ardin credibility of the allegations against Assange now reasonably be regarded as extremely low, choose the feminist of prosecutor Marianne Ny to pursue rape goal on.

Anna Ardin also looks to involve two pronounced politicized feminist lawyers - Claes Borgström and Elisabeth Massi Fritz - as a defender for her self and her friend Sofia Wilén. These are now the prosecutor Ny instrumental in misleading the public about Julian Assange is a rapist.

Now, let us stop and think about what happened on Betty Farsta stepped into the police station and accused Nisse In Hökarängen condom carelessness.

Maybe the duty officer listened patiently, perhaps he had written down the complaint subsequently been lying to him during the stipulated period of time after which it is archived with the "Not reconnaissance results" checked. More likely, however, that the police officer / -kvinnan question had major problems finding any applicable offenses, have not taken up any criminal complaint, but instead refers Bettancourt to the nearest sexual counseling for a call.

It is clear in any case that the matter would not have been reviewed by three independent prosecutors, one prosecutor, have attracted some of the country's highest-profile agenda driving defense lawyers and have not resulted in an international arrest warrant forced Nisse in Hökarängen to go into exile in a foreign country's diplomatic mission. Media interest for the "crime", would have been zero.

But now it was not Betty who complained, but Anna, with deep indentations in both the powerful Social Democratic Party in Sweden's other radical feminist establishment. And condom carelessness successor was not named Nisse but Julian and was a mega-celebrity. Equality before the law does not exist in Sweden for the coming into collision with the Swedish state feminist matriarchy.

Julian Assange is not the only man of feminism inquisitors been deprived of their honor and their ability to live a normal life, which beljugits and become the subject of a politically rigged judicial process. There are many Swedish men who can testify to such experiences. Assange case is just such a blatant example.
Assange believes and signed on transparency as an absolute necessity for the functioning of democracy and the rule of law. When those in power are allowed to act in secret, without accountability erosion of democracy and the rule of law erodes. It has been the driving force behind Assange visselblåsargärning.

I go here not on whether each revealing WikiLeaks done was right or wrong. It's a different discussion. Nor is it relevant in this context to speculate how well-founded Assange's concern is with regard to the risk of being extradited to the US where they want to prosecute him for his revelations about the US army's doings in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It suffered Assange should reasonably have shaken his belief that transparency only saving mechanism to guarantee democracy and the rule of good health. The Kafka-like process shows that these crimes against the good of society pillars can occur even with the curtain in a society that is officially considered a democracy and the rule of law.

Karin Olsson unpleasant culture column that prompted me to write this chronicle is not a unique phenomenon with respect to override the rule of law, the media's investigative mission and common decency to let the purpose - the feminist state building - justify the means. Oisin Cantwell on competing boulevard tabloid Aftonbladet makes in his column the same. He portrays everyone - including the UN - who want to restore Assange's honor as fools and foil hats. The press ethics as general media usually praise themselves for having, in the Assange case completely absent.

In five years' time, Assange in the Swedish media and other profiled representatives of the Swedish government feminist establishment is portrayed as a rapist. It has been a well coordinated smear campaign that you could be proud of the totalitarian dictatorship anywhere.

Carefully all who wanted to take the honor and glory of Assange ducked to tell me that "rape" and "sexual abuse" in fact confined to an unused and a broken condom - even if now the information is true. Equally carefully avoids complaining that Assange is not actually charged with anything. Instead, it has produced Assange as an accused or even already convicted rapist on the run.

The opinion forming journalists employed by the major media houses who found otherwise have kept quiet. Stepping outside opinion hallway and shout that government feminist naked can cost you dearly in the DDR-like climate in Sweden.

I myself have no such career to lose and therefore can freely tell you the truth, unless of course, now is not the Misses Ardin and Wilén decides to sue me. There is another peculiarity of the Swedish legislation - to tell the truth if anyone can in this country to be a criminal defamation."

Mats Dagerlind
[link to avpixlat.info]

User ID: 71946180
04/04/2016 12:42 AM
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Re: The frame-up of Julian Assange by Swedish cultural marxists
BUMP they have been after Assange for 5 years. Yet let these Muslims who rape women and Children roam free.

Please explain this.
Little Red Hen

User ID: 69954837
United States
04/04/2016 01:08 AM
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Re: The frame-up of Julian Assange by Swedish cultural marxists
Good Lord! What a bunch of tripe and female drama!

And what in hell does any of this have to do with Trump?!
I don’t suffer fools or shills lightly...

Don’t gaslight me, bro.