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its been a long time since the last good current event that went viral hasnt it? When was the last?

Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/16/2016 12:47 AM
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its been a long time since the last good current event that went viral hasnt it? When was the last?
Talking about events that blew up in attention on here and other similar websites....

The big ones I can think of were

BatMan Movie Theater Shooting
Sandy Hook
Boston Bombing
Brevik Shooting

2nd Tier
IT seems like a few years ago, the mtv awards, grammys, super bowl etc always had a lot of symbolism and it's been pretty toned down tho somewhat relevant lately...

Music Videos dont have as much symbolism as much

2012 Election with Ron Paul( The RP movement was crazy full of attention, excitement, hope, etc... It seems like it's been crushed since then, Trump is quite similar but coming from a background of not being in the game like Ron was for 30 years makes him a bit of a question mark)

Am I wrong? Have i become numb that recent stuff seems normal to me?

Are people not as engaged as they once were in this stuff?
Does it not generate as much interest as it once did?

There has been much false doom and there always will be, but things seem less intense.... The Cali Shooting in Bernandino and Paris Attacks seem just normal to me because it so common all over the world

The White kid who shot up black church had some very strange attributes including where was the kid living. who was grooming in, and how was he getting meds when he alledgely was broke and on his own...

This event seemed to fly under the table tho compared to the ones mentioned at the top....

Maybe I was young and naive, but those first mentioned events had a lot of odd traits and recent events seem more genuine rather then having nefarious means...