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iCloud accounts being hacked; devices being locked

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User ID: 71249253
United States
02/20/2016 10:25 PM
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iCloud accounts being hacked; devices being locked
Kinda funny how it's happening to some people now, in the midst of the other shit.

Hacker is somehow able to reset iCloud passwords and then log into find my iphone and put devices in lost mode.

He types a message to be displayed on the device:

In order to receive a password, please write to e-mail: [email protected]
 Quoting: Hacker
I did not email the fucker.

Others have reported their account has been locked out for 8 hours automatically, after which they have to get Apple to reset their password and then do a complete restore on their device, potentially losing data depending on when their last backup was.

These attacks are, in my opinion, automated to some degree. I figure this because myself and at least one other random person online had the exact same thing happen at the exact same time. 3 AM Eastern time on Friday. I just happened to be awake and saw the email about suspicious login from Apple. I immediately logged in and changed my password, but two devices had already been locked.

Please enable 2-factor authentication on your accounts if you have the option!