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Message Subject Major Carbon Monoxide Explosion West Coast !!!
Poster Handle R. Wordsworth
Post Content
Without an actual measure of concentration that fancy map is meaningless.

The the natural background if CO in the atmosphere is about 150 parts per billion, so there must be a floor in that map where it is not shown.

The red on that map could be 300 parts per billion.

EDIT: I just noticed the part that shows the actual concentration, I didn't see it in the video, anyways...

On average, in your home, the concentration is about 5000 parts per billion... this comes from a variety of sources such as heating equipment or ovens.

The red on the map is most likely and atmospheric condition that is preventing emissions from cars and factories from dispersing further into the atmosphere as they normally would.

Healthy humans can tolerate up to 35,000 parts per billion without ill effect.
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