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the WHITE throne of prophecy...national geographic....putin...the twelve

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03/02/2016 05:45 PM
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the WHITE throne of prophecy...national geographic....putin...the twelve
this months national geographic does a piece on the russian far east energy that is changing global economics and changing it for good..the obvious here is that this energy is in an isolated,vast, snow and ice filled REALM that is nearly impossible to destabilize and charade into intel launched money making scenarios that empower the 7 headed, 10 horned energy beast of bible prophecy...this is the kingdom that the chief servent, vladimir putin serves, he the reincarnation of the roll up your sleeves texans, biblicaly referred to as the little horn of daniel or Texaco, the wildcatter based Texaco that eventually lost a key battle and helped heal the beasts wound by selling out to chevron in 2000 that began the march to 150 a barrel in 2008..

in addition to the year round pumping required due to the frozen climes and its 300 lb. chief happy customer china, 11 other asian nations are on board to provide the economic soldiers for this kingdom that will have no end, the 12, in total, having never been with the whore that rides the 7 headed, 10 horned beast that rises up out of the sea(Caspian) that began the apocalyptic timeline in 1991...

this energy based geography launched the 25 year deals that will have an everlasting effect that will obviously outlast president putin and also explains why the pricewhore drove the cost up to a record high in 2008 as she enjoys controlling the pace of her skirt lowering and rising(up fast, down slow)that gives her added riches that she eventually loses forever...again, take a look at this months national geographic....