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Message Subject Battling Free Masons, WILD Crop Circle Tie-in and 2016 "IDES of March Watch! Video
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
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Also, this current 5 planet alignment, in their current "constellation" alignment/position, hasn't happened in over 2,000 years and won't happen again for at least another 1,000 to 1,500 years and that doesn't even exclude the Total Solar Eclipse.

 Quoting: Michael T.C.O. nli 71587280

I researched the (5) planet alignment also...

Here is a 2007 article by Bruce Masse, an environmental archaeologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, asking "Did a Comet Cause the Great Flood?" A story of the universal human myth (*It's NOT a myth - Bridge of Sighs), may actually be the first example of disaster reporting. Let's read it.

<50% SNIP
Among 175 flood myths, Masse found two of particular interest. A Hindu myth describes an alignment of the five bright planets that has happened only once in the last 5,000 years, according to computer simulations, and a Chinese story mentions that the great flood occurred at the end of the reign of Empress Nu Wa. Cross-checking historical records with astronomical data, Masse came up with a date for his event: May 10, 2807 B.C. "You canít tell me that isnít a comet" Discussing ancient petroglyph, scratched into a rock by a Native American shaman in New Mexico. "These stories are all exactly what you would expect from the survivors of a celestial impact"
Read more at the LINK: [link to discovermagazine.com]
 Quoting: Bridge of Sighs

Masse was close, very close. Noah's Flood was 3195 - 3201 BC. There are only a few events five thousand years old that we whittle down to 20 years error.

OP - 5 Stars on your wonderful topic. I live in a Sumatra type environment where I will be washed right off the land, just like the ancestors were of the Quileute, the Chimakum Tribe.
 Quoting: Bridge of Sighs

It is interesting, isn't it, that all these "ancient
myth stories" are turning out to be based in real-life
events of major earth-changes. You realize, of course,
that Noah's Flood was NOT the major flood of most of
the myths that are older than 5,000 years. The global
flood that is referred to in ALL great civilizations to
which we have record is talking about the flood which
came with the "Vela Supernova of 9,500 b.c."--that predates
Noah's Flood by 6,000 years! It took me awhile to wrap
my mind around these dates because I always thought it
was "NOah's Flood" that was the greatest of all global

I later found out (after reading "Cataclysm 9,500 b.c."
by Allen and Delair...and "Earth Under Fire" by Dr. Paul
Lavoilette) that Noah's Flood was LOCAL to the Mediterranean Sea area and wasn't considered to be a
global event. The Vela Supernova event, however, was
world-wide. The new book out by Graham Hancock is the
truly horrific information coming out of research as to
what the United States Pacific Northwest went through
during the 9,500 b.c. event...It's just mind boggling.
It's called "Magicians of the Gods" and I was hoping to
get it this paycheck, but my dog needs to go to the VET.

Thanks Bridge...Glad you brought this up!
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