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Message Subject Battling Free Masons, WILD Crop Circle Tie-in and 2016 "IDES of March Watch! Video
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
Big job.
It could be easier for OP would he keep in memory more details discovered on GLP last years.
I state that Mega-Quake will be 13th of March.
It'll start 15:55 and main event will be 16:29 local time of you know what state.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71593130

Is the "you know what state" California??? I am there/here and about 20 miles from the coast and about 400 feet up. Hopefully we will be ok?
 Quoting: Ab1Dance

By the way...this is NOT "A.C.3130's" thread and
I have not made this--or ANY--quake prediction as part
of my thread--these correlations are already disturbing
enough without adding a "mega-quake" prediction! lol!

Just to be clear, I haven't endorsed ANYONE'S prediction
for a specific event/events to take place during our
"watch week!"
Unlike some GLP posters who post
SPECIFIC EVENTS I'm only getting an impression from the
"dots" connected in my introduction material that it
would be prudent to have a "heads-up" this week...My main
concern is something unprecedented from space, but that
doesn't rule out the "space event" being a spin-off that
might cause a large quake.

EDITED: 3-18-2016
I should have mentioned this here in this post--I did do so
in the introduction but maybe some folks missed it...
--The symbolism in the THIRD IMAGE (the "over-lay
treatment") has a different time-line and different
points-of-interest than EITHER of the ORIGINAL pictures
of the BOA Mural or the UK Crop Circle by themselves.

That is because this NEW IMAGE was just created for the
thread and I believe has its own "life" or archetype for
this month's events. This is especially true of there
being the GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA in the over-lay. This
points out that there will be something "revealed" about
ancient stone monuments...or something "unprecendented"
involving some stone monument/archeology which may be in
the news (...or BOTH!) The image below is the very tragic
image of the "Temple of Baal" in Syria which ISIS is
credited with destroying during our "watch timeline" this
month. It is one of our "MATCHES" FOR THE THREAD (altho
I wish it were NOT!):

The Baal Temple used by the Phoenicians
(*who are mentioned by name in the Bible)
was constructed in A.D.17. It's anniversary
would have been 2,000 years existing on the
planet, had it not been for people attempting
to "hide" our planet's history. It's very sad.

If there were to be a large quake/tsunami in your area,
...and I am NOT predicting that...the official "ready.gov"
sites say that this 400 foot level is the MINIMUM safety
level for the California coast, as well as for the
Pacific Northwest. I lived along the Oregon coast for
decades and loved it very much. But more and more I had
the "vib" that this was an unsafe area for my family,
and moved inland. NOT EVERYONE gets these "vibs" and
acts on them...but for me, I had to move.

Be safe!
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