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Message Subject Battling Free Masons, WILD Crop Circle Tie-in and 2016 "IDES of March Watch! Video
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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gave 5 stars (like I always do for OC threads)

could this be related?

[link to www.independent.co.uk]
 Quoting: Pyax

Thank you, Pyax...I will check out your link!

Ben Davidson of "Suspicious Observers" covers the Missouri
golf course sinkhole--if that's what you are linking to!
It's HUGE!!

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

 Quoting: TheOracle'sCookie

Radio bursts or could they be Dr. L's gamma ray burst's you have mentioned. I was wondering if you would think it could all be related.
 Quoting: Pyax

Sorry...I thought the link you gave was about the big
sinkhole in Missouri that just opened up today.

Your link is about a "radio signal" from deep space
caught by the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. (This
observatory was featured in the movie "Contact" with
Jody Foster--and was one of my favorites.)

This is news from Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, which

simultaneously observes the same targets, simulating a telescope more

than 6,800 miles in diameter NAIC - Arecibo Observatory, a facility of

the NSF.

Scientists have heard a long, repeated sound from deep in space and

nobody is sure where it is coming from.

Astronomers found 10 millisecond-long fast radio bursts, the latest

example of a mysterious radio wave coming from outside of our galaxy.

Scientists had previously thought that the bursts were singular events.

But a new study finds that at least some of the sources send out

repeated messages.
END QUOTE (less than 50%)

I'm thinking that this wouldn't necessarily be related to
Dr. Paul LaVoilette's "Galactic Super Wave" theory, since
they are reporting this "signal" is coming from another
galaxy. Lavoilette's main concern with the Galactic Super
Wave is one that would be a "local event" CLOSE TO OUR
NEIGHBORHOOD. This could be a flare from the galactic core
of the Milky Way or it could be a supernova within several
1,000s of light years from our location. Both of these would
affect life on the planet, and probably the entire solar
system would be affected if the gravitational wave and gamma
ray bursts were large.

If I remember correctly, the "Vela Supernova" event which
Dr. Lavoilette writes about (9,500 b.c.) was from a
supernova from the red giant star "Vela" that was ignited
when a very large core-eruption from the Milky Way created
a Galactic Super Wave and came through our "neighborhood."
It was located about 11,000 light years from our solar
system at that time--the Vela "remnant" still has a
neutron star that can be a threat to Earth. But, as I
say--this is a local structure, while the article link
is talking about a neutron star in another galaxy from
our own.

So...to answer your question...No, this isn't what we would
be concerned about for an influence to the Earth other than
it might cause a gravitational wave and gamma ray burst that
could affect planets close to the location.

Thanks for finding it, though. It's very interesting!
 Quoting: TheOracle'sCookie

Thank you for clarifying, I always enjoy your answers and especially the info you provide in your threads. One of threads I enjoy most to read on GLP.
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