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Message Subject Battling Free Masons, WILD Crop Circle Tie-in and 2016 "IDES of March Watch! Video
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Op the red part of the picture over the boy needs to be looked at a bit harder is there a sun coming up to the side of the pyramid. Maybe it's nothing but... Masons? I see someone from the early days of our country and perhaps a south american more modern and a modern black and the other fellow not sure but they are pointing to the young boy and the discussion is over the young boy who face is partially covered in the red.The stairs stop after the seconded step the rest are so weird as to not be able to use them.
I have been aware of the ides of march however one of my children is born in April and in this country bad shit happens on her birthday.... However your combination is interesting. But if the circle has not been interpenetrated how did you get these dates?
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