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Message Subject Battling Free Masons, WILD Crop Circle Tie-in and 2016 "IDES of March Watch! Video
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
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It is a sextant on the crop circle;

[link to tann.fr]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41084010

Thanks for your bringing those pictures forward to
the thread--I can tell by your RED CAPTION FOR "...IT'S
A SEXTANT!..." you are very anchored in your belief about
what this CC means
! Well, I'm going to answer you, but
I want to also include some information about understanding
symbolism that I think might be helpful with OTHER folks
who are having the same trouble responding to my topic as
I believe you are having, A.C. (Sorry its so long!)

First off...KEEP AN OPEN MIND.

You could actually become aware of something that you
have no prior experience knowing about. At the very
least, you might learn something new--I know that I have
even composing the thread and responding to posters.

[link to www2.cnr.edu (secure)]

SECONDLY...I subscribe to the "Jungian Collective
Unconscious" with regard to the TYPE OF SYMBOLISM I'm
trying to present with this thread
. If you don't know
what that is, please take a couple of minutes to
familiarize yourself with it. Here is a good link:
[link to www2.cnr.edu (secure)]
(If you read even 1/2 the article--it's short--you will
be on the same PAGE with regard to what I and many of
my posters are seeing in our "collective overlay image.")

Yes I know...the "V-shaped tool" at the top of the original
Milk Hill Crop Circle--being a "sextant"--was ONE of the
INTERPRETATIONS that was offered when the crop circle was
originally found in 2009--UK. There are, actually, several
interpretations for this very complex image on the
internet. They also interpreted the CC to mean a series
of CME's were coming in 2009...however, you don't NEED the
use of a sextant to see CME's coming...A sextant is more apt
to be employed for locating a specific OBJECT and the
coordinates with known objects for a trajectory.

Now...fast-forward to the month of February 2016 when we
actually DO HAVE 5-PLANETS ALIGNING and there is a world-
shattering HISTORIC announcement in Astronomy during those
Then the shape of the "sextant" ends up being the
"V-shape" of the LIGO Observatory's telescope for a time-
linked message to be coming through for OUR timeline.

The topic for my thread is A BLENDING of the original
CC picture and DaddysGirl's image of the Bank of America
Mural (corporate offices in Charlotte, NC.) I'm NOT
actually "re-thinking" EITHER of these symbolic pictures
for my topic as they originally happened in their own
timelines. I've made a NEW IMAGE--an image for 2016--which
I believe NOW points us to the weeks between 1-23-2016
(when the 5 planets BEGAN to align at the horizon)--and
specifically to the week of 3-09-2016 when we are expecting
full solar eclipse on a SUPER MOON, an asteroid and other
things (which DOES appear above the V-shaped symbol if you
know what you are looking at--see the overlay image below
with caption.) IMHO The LIGO Telescope and several other
symbols in the 2009 CC reflect something that's coming up
the week of 3-09-2016! Even some unflattering main-stream
news articles are reporting this! (Although, in all
honesty they are "dissing" our coverage saying it is an
"end-of-the-world-topic" and not just an interesting "watch
[link to www.express.co.uk]

The LIGO Observatory ground-based telescope.
It's distinct "V-Shape" can be seen from a Satellite.
It was operational in 2009 when the Milk Hill CC was
found in the UK--and if it held a DUAL MEANING for both
2009 and 2016 could be pointing to the 2-10-2016 LIGO
announcement being important with events in space coming
up during our "watch" for week 3-09-2016.

In terms of my thread, however, that "V-shape" being a
sextant doesn't have the current emotional PUNCH, than
seeing it in the context of the "V-SHAPE" of the
LIGO OBSERVATORY and what could be headed our way for
the WATCH WEEK of 3-09-2016! So, in terms of my thread,
at least, You are WRONG. The "sextant" may have been
CORRECT, perhaps, for the 2009 interpretation for the CC,
but this is 7 years later, and current events may be
suggesting yet another "tool" for the "V-shape" symbol.
(Have you considered that the CC was pointing to 2016
and not only 2009 for the CORRECT message?) But, You do
bring up an important issue, though, in terms of
symbols--especially Jungian symbolism. The original
Milk Hill CC is not my topic, by the way! It is the
composite overlay I've made with that CC and another
image--the Bank of America Mural.


As I explained to another poster who was going on and on
about his "absolute truth" for symbols he identifies in
the ORIGINAL Bank of America Mural...(so that MY new image
can't possibly hold any truth for anyone.) Well...A.C.,
(some) Symbols are called "archetypes" and archetypes by
definition CAN (and do) change for the consciousness of
a person who may be contemplating them. This is especially
important for a symbolic picture overlay image like
the one we are dealing with for 3-09-2016 in my thread.

(See Carl Jung for more insight into this cornerstone--
archetypal symbols--from modern psychology--video below.)
Here's what could be called a "QUICK-AND-DIRTY 10 minute Jungian Symbolism 101" video--Viewing and understanding
this short video might help you understand what my thread
is trying to convey.

You may THINK you know what a symbol is...but not a
deeper meaning of "archetypal symbols."

[link to youtu.be (secure)]
Fast-forward to the 3:00 min mark for "ANIMA" (the
type of symbol I believe the "V-Shaped tool" reps.)
Specifically addressing your point that you think
the top of the Milk Hill Crop Circle is a "sextant"
(and NOT my suggestion that it could be the "V-Shape"
for the LIGO Observatory that was breaking astronomy
news February 10, 2016, I believe this video will help
a great deal.) The term "ANIMA" comes up at about the
3:00 min mark in the video. Because Dan Brown has given
the world the "ANIMA-CONNECTION-to-the-"V-Shape-symbol"
(as Brown used it in "The DaVinci Code") and the "V-shape"
for the CC is what we are dealing with now in the overlay
...we can get a NEW IMPRESSION of what the 2 "combined
images" may be trying to bring forward by BLENDING the 2
very symbolic and maybe "predictive" images.

The overlay transparency (below) is my original composition
for the thread, A.C. 4010, and in the context of our "current events of the year 2016" the
"sextant on the crop circle" you mention has CHANGED
for the new image...DROP the 2009 interpretation!


Carl Jung would most likely agree that the symbols
in this NEW overlay image of the Bank of America Mural
with a transparency of the Milk Hill Crop Circle
falling in a REMARKABLE pattern over the BOA symbols
qualifies to be an "Archetypal Image." Check link for
[link to www2.cnr.edu (secure)]

By combining both symbolic pictures into one overlay

I am attempting to bring to you a NEW experience with
the interpretations.,symbolism meant for NOW--the week
of 3-09-2016--and what we may be seeing. Each original
image had their own symbols and meanings...but this THIRD IMAGE is new.
My own "take" for the top of the CC--the "V-shape"
is that it is the LIGO Observatory telescope, also
showing the 3-09-2016 eclipse of the sun "event,"
as well as the 2 orbs at either side of the "V"
representing Jupiter, Earth, moon and Sun during
this 3-09-2016 week's events--whatever that turns out
to be...That the CC touches "something" connected to
the Great Pyramid of Giza escapes me at this point.
However, it may be pointing to the 9,500 b.c. "Vela
supernova" for which many believe the pyramid was
built to commemorate. We'll see!

Just as Carl Jung attempted to
explain back in the 70's and 80's that "archetypal
symbols" can NOT be confined nor be considered "static."
You can't assign "absolute" meanings to them because
THAT'S NOT THE WAY SYMBOLISM WORKS. The meaning of the symbols CHANGE with context. They have their own energy
and "life" and can't be put into a box (just like the
"floating woman" symbol in both the BOA original image
and my new overlay image.) In the NEW overlay image,
having the "V-shape"--they pyramid--the floating lady
together, we are dealing with "AN ANIMA SYMBOL AND

That means that what was "O.K" for the interpretation
of these symbols in 2009 is NOT current to what the
symbols may mean for us in 2016--an especially since my
topic isn't the original version of either of them, but
a new "symbolic meaning" we can assign to our current

The "V-shaped tool" in the Milk Hill Crop Circle in context
to current events, likely the LIGO Observatory since it is
current to 3-09-2016. (See the 2-20-2016 announcement of
gravitational waves by LIGO Observatory Team for why this
is the target symbol for that area of the image...a "sextant"
(though it is STILL related to locating objects in space
and could be loosely thought to be a way of letting people
know that "something is coming FROM SPACE" it's still NOT
as focused a symbol for what we are looking for in our
WATCH WEEK as the "gravitational waves & LIGO Observatory"
in my opinion.)

I welcome your making your own thread about the
symbol being the sextant and what your "take" is
for our WATCH WEEK of 3-09-2015 if you like...but for
my purposes here, I'm standing with LIGO being the
"V" shape symbol for the Crop Circle in my overlay.

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