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Radium levels rise in Wisconsin tap water

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 64242593
United States
03/06/2016 02:56 PM
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Radium levels rise in Wisconsin tap water
In 2006, 42 communities in eastern Wisconsin reported radium levels at nearly 15 picocuries per liter — three times the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s limit of 5 pCi/L.

About 25 Wisconsin water systems have exceeded the maximum contaminant level over the previous two years, which means radium levels remained over 5 pCi/L for more than a year. Some other communities, such as Madison, have seen spikes in individual wells above 5 pCi/L but are not in violation because the levels were elevated for less than a year.

Because of high radium levels in deep groundwater, communities surrounding Green Bay over the past decade have begun receiving water from Manitowoc, which draws most of its drinking water from Lake Michigan.

n addition, “We don’t know the radium concentration in private wells because the test is expensive (about $200), so hardly anybody tests for it,” said John Luczaj, a University of Wisconsin-Green Bay professor of geoscience who has studied radium in Wisconsin’s water.

[link to www.postcrescent.com]

Go to the link and see the map. On it, there's a swatch across the entire state of high radium levels, predictably just beyond the cities which use Lake Michigan water.