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Trump haters are worse than Obama haters

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1404987
United States
03/10/2016 05:57 PM
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Trump haters are worse than Obama haters
All you Trump haters are worse than Obama haters.
At least the Obot haters have a reason to be hating on the Trump, but this is not the actual case. The Trump real haters are you so called

1 Evangelical Christians , who don't seem to be to Christian

2) Anti Abortion people , people with nothing better to do.

3) Media, paid shrills for the man who never actually ask real questions

4) Muslims, who know their ass is getting kicked out of America bye bye been fun , asta la vista baby , Bios Con Dios

5) Illegal Aliens, Visa Over stayers.. who don't belong here , so you don't matter anyway

6) Rich 1% , who know the gravy train is over.

7 Black Americans, who forgot it was the white people who picked up arms to free them

8) FemNazis, who don't even know what being a real woman is.

9) Metrosexual Euro trash Androgynous men , who can't seem to figure out if their men or women.

10) Liberals, who have no actual idea pf what being a liberal even means not to worry ,Trump is working on a deal with France to send you all over there , enjoy your wine and cheese watch out for insane Muslims.

I may of forgotten a few people ,others can feel free to add.

I just would like to say, haters gonna hate this is true
Trump has his legion of haters too. 5a