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Message Subject Huge! Nonhuman ‘Hands’ Found in Prehistoric Rock Paint Art in Egypt.
Poster Handle Free Store
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[link to vimeo.com (secure)] The roughly 8,000-year-old “hands” painted on a rock wall in the Sahara Desert aren’t human at all, as researchers originally thought, but are actually stencils of the “hands” or forefeet, of the desert monitor lizard, a new study finds.

These tiny lizard hands are intermingled with paintings of human adult hands, which ancient rock artists stenciled around using red, yellow, orange and brown pigments, the researchers said.

It’s unclear why these ancient people used both human and lizard hands as stencils, but the finding may provide clues about the mysterious people who lived in the Sahara about 8,000 years ago, the researchers said.

** Or is any of that accurate? How many are aware that aliens helped build the pyramids and much of Egypt as they ‘employed’ human slaves? And guess the origin of aliens… a topic nobody wants to talk about to ‘protect’ the masses from hysterics. Listen, aliens are NOT our friends.
 Quoting: Paschalis 68979057

They are mine. Reward? Close encounter of the third kind. You set you stance and they listen. The Snake Aliens helped with the heavy lifts.
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