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Message Subject I havent slept for two days .. sober , anxiety , spinal cord headache
Poster Handle CountryWise
Post Content
Anxiety is a mind game. I suffered with it a while...I'm completely okay now. The thing with axiety, is you have to know what is happening with your body in the physical sense. An anxiety attack, starts with the diaphram, it freezes or is in a spasm. Your diaphram pushes your lungs when you exhale to get all the co2 out of them. When you are having anxiety, your diaphram isn't helping you exhale co2, and since your lungs are completely exhaled of co2, they can't take in new oxygen. If you rub your diaphram and get it to relax, you will feel better. Now that you know physically what is happening, your mind over matter can stop it. Once I learned this and the fact that your body will not allow you to be in that physical condition for more than 2 or 3 minutes, you know in your mind that it will be over, just wait it out. I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me be free of anxiety!
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